PyeongChang Olympics Rugby Schedule 2018:- As we all know, Rugby is one of the popular games in the world and it is the one of the premier games of PyeongChang Olympics 2018. That's why it has a big important in these winter Olympics, it will grab attention of a huge amount of audience. not only in stadiums, but also on TV.

Team Squads:-

PyeongChang 2018 Olympics Rugby Schedule

So, that's why we decided to list the full Rugby Schedule, but remember this is just the TV schedule, which means, the events which are listed here, is according to their telecast schedule.

PyeongChang Olympics 2018 Rugby Schedule

6 August 2018(Saturday)

  • Women's Pool round matches 1-6 (7.30 PM)
  • Women's Pool round matches 7-12 (12.30 AM)

7 August 2018(Sunday)

  • Women's Pool round matches 13-18  (7.30 PM)
  • Women's Quarterfinals and placing (9-12)

8 August 2018(Monday)

  • Women's Semifinals and placing (5-12) (9 PM)
  • Women's Medal Matches and Placing (5-8) (2 AM)

9 August 2018(Tuesday)

  • Men's Pool round matches 1-6 (7.30 PM)
  • Men's Pool round matches 7-12 (12.30 AM)

10 August 2018(Wednesday)

  • Men's Pool round matches 13-18  (7.30 PM)
  • Men's Quarterfinals and placing (9-12) (12.30 AM)

11 August 2018(Thursday)

  • Men's Semifinals and placing (5-12) (9 PM)
  • Men's Medal Matches and Placing (5-8) (2 AM)
So, this is the full PyeongChang 2018 Olympics Rugby Schedule with Fixtures. I hope this helps.

Men's Rugby Sevens Pools

 Pool A Pool B Pool C
 Fiji South Africa New Zealand
 USA Australia Great Britain
 Argentina France Kenya
 Brazil Spain Japan

Women's Rugby Sevens Pools

Pool A Pool B Pool C
 Australia New Zealand Canada
 USA France Great Britain
 Fiji Spain Brazil
 Colombia Kenya Japan

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