The PyeongChang 2018 Olympics is here and your wait for this epic event has ended. It will be a super event with many mind blowing games. Now, I am here to provide sources, where you can watch Olympics 2018 Live Streaming without any problem.

How to Watch PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games Live Streaming

As we all know, it is the 8th consecutive Summer Games, but this time, the buzz is even more as compared to last few games, the people have been waiting from months for their favorite games.

Now, talking about the broadcast and the live streaming of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics.

PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games TV broadcast and Telecast in US

These Summer games will be broadcasted on NBC Television and it will start on 5th of August with the Opening ceremony, where all the athletes of various countries, which are participating in PyeongChang 2018, will be present and it all will end on 21st of august.

You will be able to enjoy the full games TV broadcast on NBC Television and their NBC Universal networks. It is  big network of channels, which will be telecasting Olympics this time, The full list will be released soon by NBCOlympics.com and we will publish it here as soon as it get released.

PyeongChang 2018 Olympics Live Streaming on NBC

The Live Streaming of all the events of Olympics 2018 will be available on NBCOlympics.com and all other related products of NBC like, NBC Sports Live Extra, NBC Sports Group's live streaming product for desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and connected TVs.

If you want to watch Olympics live streaming while traveling, then download NBC Sports Live Extra app from Google play Store or App store, depending on the device you use.

PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Game live Stream on CBC (in CA)

The Live stream of Olympics 2018 and also the live TV telecast will be available on CBC, but only for the Canadian Fans. So, if you live in Canada, then you can enjoy all the action on CBC, including the Opening Ceremony.and all the sports. And if you need more explanation, then you check this below given posts.
Now, if you don't live in Canada, then you can still catch up the action on CBC, by using a VPN server, which will help you lift the Geo-blocking and watch CBC Olympics live streaming anywhere in the world.

PyeongChang Olympics 2018 Live Streaming on BBC (in UK)

All the Olympic Games fans can watch Live stream on BBC, if you are from UK (United Kingdom). BBC will telecast all the sports as well as the Opening ceremony without any delay, so you can enjoy watching this epic event from the comfort of your home.
If you don't live in UK and want to watch BBC olympics live stream, then you need to use a VPN service to unlock the stream in your country.

Watch Live Streaming of PyeongChang 2018 Olympics on YouTube

Yes, this time, you will be able to watch Olympics live on Youtube, but this is only available in 64 Countries (check list here :- List of 64 Countries). So, if you live on any of these countries, then you can enjoy all the action live online.
If you still, not able to found the live streaming info, then you can check the list of official sources given below, which will telecast Olympics live in many different countries.

Watch 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Live Stream Worldwide

  • BBC.co.uk - All the UK Territories can enjoy PyeongChang Games live telecast on BBC website.
  • CBC.ca - CBC will telecast PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games live on Canada.
  • Skytv.co.nz - This channel will stream 2018 Olympiad in New Zealand.
  • ESPN & Fox sports - will broadcast PyeongChang 2018 Olympics live in Brazil, Latin America and Caribbean Countries.
  • Starsports.com & Hotstar.com - These are the two sources, where you should be watching 2018 PyeongChang Olympics live, if you are living in India.
  • Supersport - will be the best place to enjoy Live Olympic Events in 40 countries of Africa.
  • NTVplus.ru - All the Olympics fans from Russia can enjoy PyeongChang 2018 Events live on NTVplus without any problem.
  • Canal Plus - will broadcast live streaming and TV telecast of PyeongChang Olympics in France.
  • CCTV Sports - All the Fans of Olympics can watch this PyeongChang events live on CCTV Sports in China.
  • Seven Network :- You can watch PyeongChang Olympics stream on Seven Network in Australia.
  • Rai Italia Sports - This channel will broadcast Olympiad live telecast in Italy.
  • Sportfive Network - This network will broadcast PyeongChang Olympics sports events in majority of European Countries.

PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games Live Telecast in Spain:-

If you are from Spain, then you will be able to enjoy the Olympics live streaming on RTVE channel  as it is the official broadcaster of Olympiad in Spain. 

PyeongChang 2018 Olympics Live Online & TV telecast in France

All the Olympic games lovers, who live in France can enjoy the live action on FT & Canal+ , who will broadcast all the sports exclusively.
As we all know, Brazil is the host of PyeongChang Olympics and that;s why there will be huge number of people who will be watching this sports event from their homes and to watch live telecast in Brazil, you need to tune-in to Rede Globo, Rede Record, Rede Bandeirantes, ESPN, Fox Sports.

Live Action of 2018 Summer Olympics in Japan:-

Japan has always been a big country, when it comes to sports and this time again they will be looking to grab a lot of medals.

So, it important for you to cheer your country in one of the biggest events of the world and can do that by tuning into Japan Consortium who is the official broadcasting partners of Olympics in Japan.

Watch PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games Live Telecast in Korea:-

In both South and North Korea "SBS" will telecast winter Olympic Games. So, you will be be able to watch the hours of live coverage. You can also, watch the, in case, you want to watch any event for the second time or you missed it, when it was broadcasted live in SBS.

Live Telecast of 2018 Summer Olympics Available in Russia:-

If you are form Russian, then you must have seen so much of controversy regarding Russia's participation in these Olympic Games, but finally they are participating and you can watch the Olympics live streaming and TV telecast on "C1R", "VGTRK", "NTV Plus".

Check PyeongChang 2018 streaming and Telecast Channels list (Country wise):-

Note:- Only those countries are listed here, whose names are not given in any of the list in the above given paragraphs.
So, enjoy the games, In case you still have some confusion left in your brain, then feel free to shoot your questions regarding PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games live streaming via comments or via contact page.

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  1. The broadcaster for Italy is RAI and not SKY

  2. Is this the old list from London 2012 or the updated list for Rio 2016?? thank you

  3. Is this the old list from London 2012 or the update one for Rio 2016?? thank you

  4. what about Switzerland? will we be able to watch on the internet and how/where? thank you

  5. You can watch Rio 2016 Olympics live telecast in Switzerland on "SRG SSR".

  6. "Seven Network :- You can watch Rio Olympics stream on Seven Network in Australia."

    only if you pay for the premium service, where can I watch live streaming for free?