Brazil Men's Basketball Team Roster for PyeongChang 2018 Olympics has been announced as you will see some old faces in the side, who has lots of experience of playing in big tournaments and it will help the home side play in this big event.
Brazil Men's Basketball PyeongChang Olympics Team Roster 2018

So, let's checkout the full roaster.

PyeongChang Olympics Brazil Men's Basketball Team Roster 2018

  1. Leandro BARBOSA
  2. Vitor BENITE
  3. Alex GARCIA
  4. Guilherme GIOVANNONI
  6. Nene HILARIO
  7. Marcelinho HUERTAS
  8. Augusto LIMA
  9. Rafael LUZ
  10. Marcus Vinicius MARQUINHOS
  11. Raulzinho NETO
  12. Larry TAYLOR
  13. Anderson VAREJAO
This is the full Brazil Men's Basketball Team Roster which will take part in PyeongChang Games.

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