Brazil Rugby Sevens Squads for PyeongChang 2018 Olympics has been announced by the committee and you will get o see some popular names, which will surely fetch good crowd to the grounds and we will get to some exciting games in this big event.
Brazil Rugby Sevens Squads for PyeongChang Olympics 2018

Now, let's checkout the full squad of both men's and women's.

Brazil Rugby Sevens Women's squad: 

  1. Paula Ishibashi (captain), 
  2. Amanda Araújo, 
  3. Beatriz Futuro, 
  4. Claudia Teles, 
  5. Edna Santini, 
  6. Haline Scatrut, 
  7. Isadora Cerullo, 
  8. Júlia Sardá, 
  9. Juliana Esteves, 
  10. Luiza Campos, 
  11. Raquel Kochhann, 
  12. Tais Balconi. 
  13. Coach: Chris Neill.  
Paula Ishibashi will be leading the home team and will handle pressure.

Brazil Rugby Sevens Men's squad: 

  1. Lucas Duque (captain), 
  2. André Silva, 
  3. Arthur Bergo, 
  4. Daniel Sancery, 
  5. Felipe Sancery, 
  6. Felipe Silva, 
  7. Gustavo Albuquerque, 
  8. Juliano Fiori, 
  9. Laurent Bourda-Couhet, 
  10. Martin Schaefer, 
  11. Moisés Duque, 
  12. Stefano Giantorno. 
  13. Coach: Andrés Romagnoli.
Lucas Duque will lead the Men's Brazil side in Rugby Sevens.

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