PyeongChang Olympics 2018 Table Tennis Live Stream, Telecast and Broadcast Info:- If you here to get Table Tennis live telecast details then you landed on a perfect page, because here you will get full details about this topic.

But before moving on to that point, let's discuss some important points about Table Tennis.

As you all know Table Tennis is also known as Ping Pong, and it was originated in England. But during 1960-1970, a lot of things about the game were changed when it was brought to India by the British Officers. So, slowly, but steadily it gained popularity in the world and now, it is one of the main sports of Summer Olympic Games. If you like to read more about the same, then checkout the Wikipedia page of Table Tennis, which has many more things about it's history.

Also, we forgot to tell you that, Table Tennis was Included in Summer Olympics in 1988 and since then, it was dominated by athletes from China as they have won most number of medals, but ti will slowly change as more athletes are coming from worldwide.

PyeongChang 2018 Olympics Table Tennis Live Stream & Broadcast

Now, moving on, Table Tennis has lots fans around the globe, who love it from the bottom of their hearts, so here are some important details for all of you.

PyeongChang 2018 Olympics Table Tennis Live Stream on NBC (in US)

You can watch this sport on NBC without any problem and if you need more info, then check out these below given posts.

Watch 2018 Summer Olympics Table Tennis Live Telecast on CBC, BBC & Seven Network

All these networks are the best sports broadcasters of their countries. You can watch Olympics Table Tennis Events Live stream on BBC (in UK), CBC (in Canada) & Seven network (in Australia).

These networks will cover most of Table Tennis events being played in Rio. So, enjoy the Games.

Watch PyeongChang Olympics 2018 Table Tennis Live Stream Worldwide

  • BBC.co.uk - All the UK Territories can enjoy Olympics Table Tennis live telecast on BBC website.
  • CBC.ca - CBC will telecast Table Tennis live on Canada.
  • Skytv.co.nz - This channel will stream Table Tennis in New Zealand.
  • ESPN & Fox sports - will broadcast Table Tennis live in Brazil, Latin America and Caribbean Countries.
  • Starsports.com & Hotstar.com - These are the two sources, where you should be watching Table Tennis live, if you are living in India.
  • Supersport - will be the best place to enjoy Live Table Tennis Events in 40 countries of Africa.
  • NTVplus.ru - All the Olympics fans from Russia can enjoy Table Tennis Events live on NTVplus without any problem.
  • Canal Plus - will broadcast live streaming and TV telecast of PyeongChang Table Tennis in France.
  • CCTV Sports - All the Fans of Table Tennis can watch this PyeongChang Olympics event live on CCTV Sports in China.
  • Seven Network :- You can watch Table Tennis stream on Seven Network in Australia.
  • Sky Italia Sports - This channel will broadcast Table Tennis live telecast in Italy.
  • Sportfive Network - This network will broadcast PyeongChang Olympics Table Tennis in majority of European Countries.

PyeongChang Olympics Table Tennis Live Stream Schedule 2018

Note:- The timing is according to US based time (According to NBC'S live telecast Schedule).

 6 August 2018(Saturday)

  • Mens' Singles, Preliminaries (5.30 PM)
  • Women's Singles, Preliminaries (5.30 PM)
  • Women's Singles, Round 1 (5.30 PM)
  • Men's Singles Round 1 (3.30 AM)
  • Women's Singles Round 2 (3.30 AM)

7 August 2018(Sunday)

  • Men's Singles Round 2 (5.30 PM)
  • Women's Singles Round 2 (5.30 PM)
  • Men's Singles Round 2 (10.00 PM)
  • Women's Singles Round 2 (10.00 PM)
  • Men's Singles Round 3 (2.30 AM)
  • Women's Singles Round 3 (2.30 AM)

8 August 2018(Monday)

  • Men's Singles Round 3 (6.30 PM)
  • Women's Singles Round 3 (6.30 PM)
  • Men's Singles Round 4 (12.30 AM)
  • Women's Singles Round 4 (12.30 AM)
  • Men's Singles Round 4 (5.00 AM)
  • Women's Singles Round 4 (5.00 AM)

9 August 2018(Tuesday)

  • Women's Singles Quarterfinals (6.30 PM)
  • Men's Singles Quarterfinals (12.30 AM)
  • Men's Singles Quarterfinals (5.00 AM)

10 August 2018(Wednesday)

  • Women's Singles Semifinals (6.30 PM)
  • Women's Singles, Bronze Medal Match (5.00 AM)
  • Women's Singles, Finals (5.00 AM)

11 August 2018(Thursday)

  • Men's Singles Semifinals (6.30 PM)
  • Men's Singles, Bronze Medal Match (5.00 AM)
  • Men's Singles, Finals (5.00 AM)

12 August 2018(Friday)

  • Women's Team, Round 1 (6.30 PM)
  • Women's Team, Round 1 (11.30 PM)
  • Men's Team, Round 1 (4.00 AM)

13 August 2018(Saturday)

  • Women's Team, Quarterfinals (6.30 PM)
  • Men's Team, Round 1 (11.30 PM)
  • Women's Team, Quarterfinals (4.00 AM)

 14 August 2018(Sunday)

  • Men's Team, quarterfinals (6.30 PM)
  • Men's Team, quarterfinals (11.30 PM)
  • Women's Team, Semifinals (4.00 AM)

15 August 2018(Monday)

  • Women's Team, Semifinals (6.30 PM)
  • Men's Team, Semifinals (11.30 PM)
  • Men's Team, Semifinals (4.00 AM)

16 August 2018(Tuesday)

  • Women's Team, Bronze Medal Match (7.30 PM)
  • Women's Team, Finals (4.00 AM)

17 August 2018(Wednesday)

  • Men's Team, Bronze Medal Match (7.30 PM)
  • Men's Team, Finals (4.00 AM)
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Being an important game in PyeongChang Olympics, excitement for Table Tennis lover's are at their peak, as their favorite game is being played in one of the best events of the world.

So, now, enjoy PyeongChang 2018 Olympics Table Tennis Live Stream & Broadcast and don't forget to comment with your favorite athlete and the country your supporting in PyeongChang 2018 Olympics.

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