If anyhow you don't like to watch Olympics live streaming with Sling TV, then you have another option as you can Watch the 2018 Olympics Live with PlayStation Vue, with is a good alternative of Sling TV.

But I hope you know the difference between both options, to watch Olympics live telecast, if you don't, then don't worry,  we will explain both positive and negative points of PlayStation Vue.

PyeongChang 2018 Olympics Live with PlayStation Vue

So, let's get started.

Watch PyeongChang 2018 Olympics Live with PlayStation Vue in just 3 Steps

As you all know, PlayStation Vue (www.playstation.com/en-us/network/vue/) is a live streaming service which offers 55+ channels and majority of channels which are offering Olympics telecast are included in this list of 55 channels. So, with the service of PlayStation Vue, you will not need any cable subscription.

Step 1:- Sign Up with PlayStation Vue

Firstly, you need to sign up with PlayStation Vue in order to start. Just Sign up for their 7 Day Trial and if you like their services, then you can carry on and pay your monthly fees which is around $29.99 for the basic package which includes 55+ channels.

You can get 100+ channels if you choose their elite or core packages, but we recommend your basic package, which has majority of popular channels, which will telecast Olympics.

Step 2:- Get a Device Compatible with PlayStation Vue

As you all know, PlayStation Vue is not compatible with many devices, so to watch Olympics, you need to get PS3/PS4, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or iOS/Android device.

Here is the full list of devices, which are compatible with PlayStation Vue:-
Additionally, you can download PlayStation Vue App from Apple store and can watch Olympic wherever you get Internet connection.

Step 3:- Enjoy the PyeongChang Olympics Live on PlayStation Vue:-

Now, you will get channels like NBC, NBCSN, MSNBC and more, where you can enjoy PyeongChang 2018 Olympics live telecast without any problem.

An done more thing, if you like to watch everything for free, then their is one more method, You can use an Antenna to watch 2018 Olympics live without any cable Subscription for Free or you can use VPN Service to watch Olympics live telecast.

Not in US?

If you are not living in US, then this guide will not help you watch 2018 Olympics, but you can read these below given posts to get more info about watching PyeongChang 2018 games in your country.
Now, if you have any query regarding Olympics live telecast or regarding watching it with PlayStation Vue, then you are free to contact us.

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