The time has arrived, for this epic carnival, which is also knowns as the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics, but all the fans, call it a big sports carnival, which brings whole world together.

Now, talking about the start, 2018 Olympics will begin with the Opening Ceremony, which will feature number of celebrities and specially the Brazilian culture, which will attract a huge audience, not only in the stadium, but also, on TV, as whole world will be keeping their eyes on this event.

PyeongChang 2018 Olympics Opening Ceremony in Australia

And majority of the fans are ready to watch the PyeongChang opening ceremony live from their homes, but in case, you are not aware of the source to watch Olympics live stream in Australia, then this guide will help you out.

Seven Network will Broadcast 2018 Olympics Opening Ceremony Live Telecast in Australia

Seven Network is the official broadcaster of PyeongChang Olympics in Australia and will telecast all the action exclusively, including the opening ceremony, which will held on 5th of August, 8 PM (PyeongChang Time & date), but will be broadcasted on 7am (AEST) on August 6 in Australia, due to big time difference in PyeongChang and Australia.

Now, you need to notice that, PyeongChang is behind by 11 Hours (Perth Time), 12.5 Hours (Adelaide Time) and 13 Hours (Australia’s east coast capitals time), so take notice of the correct time, before you plan to watch Olympics opening ceremony live stream.

Now, considering, you will go for different devices to watch the live telecast, here are few options which you can opt.
  • Watch the PyeongChang Olympics Opening Ceremony on free to air TV :- Channel Seven Network, 7Two, 7Mate.
  • Stream the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Opening Ceremony on your computer:- You can stream live action using Seven Networks's Web App.
  • Watch 2018 PyeongChang Olympics Opening Ceremony Stream on phones and tablets :-  You can download Mobile App for iOS and Android.
So, Seven Network has made things easier for you, because now you can even watch this epic opening ceremony by traveling, as you have the options to download Mobile Apps, as well as you can enjoy the action on your Desktop.

But, for any reason, if you decide to bypass the Sevens Network Telecast and want to watch Opening ceremony on any other online source, then you can use VPN service (PureVPN highly Recommended) and then watch it on CBC, which is another high quality broadcaster, who will live streaming PyeongChang 2018 Olympics in Canada.

Note:- It is highly recommended that, you should watch the PyeongChang 2018 Opening Ceremony live telecast on Seven network as they are best in this business, when it comes to Sports Broadcasters. They will cover each sport very closely, by giving you all the updates, which can be possible, so if you really want to enjoy the PyeongChang Summer Games, then Enjoy it on Seven network.

So, enjoy the 2018 Olympics Opening Ceremony live stream and do not hesitate to put your query in comments.

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