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Every year at Baselworld, the most anticipated news is what the behemoth watch brand Rolex will release. It’s an odd thing to do, because what Rolex announces is usually just revolutionary. The still successful and close-knit watch brand seems to inspire their loyalists with their new creations every year – often taking small steps in the expected direction. cheap copy rolex watches rarely offers anything completely new – especially new models or complications. Oddly enough, this all happened in 2012.

replica rolex watches usually only releases line extensions and minor feature updates (if any). Typical “exciting” announcements include a new dial color, a new bracelet or something made of a new material. The main new product for 2012 is the Rolex Sky-Dweller, an extremely rare new Rolex model that features a new movement and brings an unprecedented level of sophistication to the modern brand. Say hello to the annual calendar. It’s true that Rolex didn’t invent it, but incorporating it into one watch seems revolutionary.

The replica Rolex Sky-Dweller watches is a mixed bag for watch lovers. On the one hand, it offers some real luxury high configuration Rolex watch innovations. A new line with new movements and features that people have long wanted from Rolex. On the other hand, the dial of the Rolex Sky-Dweller …… is an acquired taste to say the least. The aesthetic problem, in my opinion, is the large exposed asymmetric GMT disc. It just sits in the wrong place on the luxury rolex watch dial. Is it functional? Maybe. Sexy and seductive? Not at all. One hand is enough. Just ask any GMT master. Also, the hands are too short and skeletonized, to the detriment of the watch itself. Lume is too sparse, and hands with skeletons may be more trouble than they’re worth.

If you can dial in the dial, there’s a lot to love. Not only is this the first Rolex with an annual calendar, but it also includes centrally mounted GMT hands. All operated using a “Ring Command” bezel. That’s right, the Rolex Sky-Dweller bezel is part of your operation and adjustment of the watch. The crown of the watch is pulled out in one position only. The flap with the groove has three positions. Turn it, and depending on the position you can adjust the date, local time or reference time through the crown. This is a great solution that we have never seen before.

The GMT hands are discs located in the middle of the dial and use red and white arrows as an index to indicate the reference time. Other models of the Rolex GMT are operated with one hand and use a scale on the periphery of the watch. The system isn’t super attractive,Buy Fake Rolex Watches but it’s powerful. Rolex is tired of using a polished ring to make the transition from dial to disc as “luxurious” as possible. However, I think you can combine the naked dial with the Rolex aesthetic perfectly.

In addition to GMT, the Rolex Sky-Dweller also features an annual calendar system, which Rolex calls the SAROS Annual Calendar. This mechanism provides the date and month. The date is easily visible under magnification through a sapphire crystal at 3 o’clock. The month is told through a dark rectangle located on the outside of the hour indicator ring. On these watches, you will see the “8 o’clock” filled with black. This means that the month will be August. It is only at the end of February that you need to adjust the calendar. I think this is the best part about the complications. SAROS is a very cool complication, and I think it can find a happy home in most of the calendar-enhanced Rolex watches offered today.

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